Phases of the Moon

Summary of the Lesson:

In learning about our moon's lunar phases, students will be able to explain, describe, and make models

of this system. They will make observations, record data, and make predictions of this system in order to generate scientific


My audience is fourth grade. The subject/content area is Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Essential Questions:

1. What is the evidence that the Earth's systems change?

2. What predictable patterns of change can be observed on and from Earth?

3. In which ways do humans create, use, and modify technologies?

PA Standards

S4.A.3.2.2 Use models to make observations to explain how systems work (e.g., water cycle, Sun-Earth-Moon system).
S4.D.3.1.1 Describe motions of the Sun - Earth -Moon system.
S4.D.3.1.2 Explain how the motion of the Sun -Earth - Moon system relates to time (e.g., days, months, years).

S4.A.2.1.3 Observe a natural phenomenon record observations, and then make a prediction based on those observations.

S4.A.2.1.1 Generate questions about objects, organisms, or events that can be answered through scientific investigations.

S4.A.1.3.1 Observe and record change by using time and measurement.
S4.A.3.3.2 Predict future conditions/events based on observable patterns (e.g. day/night, seasons, sunrise/sunset, lunar phases).